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A Serial Salesperson Confessed

Although this story does not have much to do with getting into shape, the mind can help you do many things.  Some of these things are evident with any job from salesperson to police officer. Regardless of your place of business, getting into shape starts as a facet of everything you do, from your career to your relaxation and recreation time.  Please read on…

As the evidence of the development of business was presented to the judge, Taylor Success made a confession and was apparently considered responsible for sales growth. Easily was Taylor Success tracked down as we followed the trail of consistent sales contacts. That Taylor Success was acting based on a sales plan and responsible for the highest sales in the history was all clear.

 The Pattern of Serial Selling

When we asked satisfied clients about their experience with Taylor Success, the alleged sales person, they identified the solution selling path of success as the primary reason for doing business. Many of the clients were actively pursued even when they were not ready to purchase. This evidence substantiated the long term sales plan Taylor Success executed over months of contacts with potential clients.

 Top of Mind Sales Strategy

The best practices of this serial seller maintained top of mind awareness in the psyche of potential clients. This sales drip system was balanced and consistent making it easy for potential clients to remember Taylor Success. When the time came for clients to purchase, they felt compelled to purchase from this serial salesperson.

 Based on the fictitious scenario presented here, would you be convicted in a court of sales as a serial salesperson? A serial salesperson has these key traits. Follows a consistent, documented sales plan. Has a written sales process to capture sales. Uses a sales follow-up system that keeps track of client opportunities.