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How to Lose Belly Fat – Lose Unwanted Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat – Lose Unwanted Fat

With fast food and junk food becoming the majority of the average persons diet it is no wonder why obesity is becoming an epidemic. If you are like most people you try to eat a balanced diet, but let yourself go on a few occasions and now have some built up belly fat you want to get rid of. There is a simple way of how to lose belly fat and it involves regular exercise combined with a well balanced low fat diet.

The best exercise you can do to lose excess weight around the midsection is cardio. Any type of running, jogging, or jump roping will have you burning calories at an efficient rate. If you are relatively new to cardio type exercises you can start out with walking. Besides the cardio you also have the option of weight training. Lifting free weights and using your body’s weight against itself can help you build up your muscles tissue which will in turn burn fat twenty five times faster than regular fatty tissue.

After you decide on what type of exercise you are going to do it is a great idea to map out an exercise routine. This way you will have all your exercises labeled out ahead of time and will optimize your efficiency at burning away that fat.

Besides regular exercise it is beneficial to eat a diet high in protein and low in fat. This diet will help you build muscle and help you lose your belly fat.

Overall if you stick to a regular exercise regime and stay away from the fast food and junk food you will be on your way to losing that excess belly fat in no time.

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