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Losing Unwanted Fats Surgery-Free With Zeltiq

Losing Unwanted Fats Surgery-Free With Zeltiq

Zeltiq is a new cosmetic method that many discovered as a noninvasive substitute to liposuction. It is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that is mainly recommended for treating fatty tissue on the abdomen and the lower back. The method makes use of a clamp like device with two gel patches attached to it. The fat cells in the body are made to freeze and die by clamping the unwanted fat between the two gel patches.

This method uses the science of cryolipolysis is fueled by evidence that fatty tissues is very responsive to the effects of cold temperature, thus, causing fat cell reduction and elimination on specific body areas. Basically, cryolipolysis freezes fat cells until they solidify undergo a natural cell death. Then, these dead fat cells are gently removed by the body’s natural metabolic processes.

The result of this procedure is not instant since the removal of the frozen fat cells takes several months. Depending on the patient maintaining a proper diet and a regular exercise, the results of Zeltiq can be permanent. According to body contouring specialists, best effects are shown on people of normal weight who simply have a stubborn flabby area that will not go away by regular work outs and proper diet.

Cosmetic surgeons do not recommend this procedure for those who are extremely overweight. The procedure, though proven to be effective does not replace a healthy and active lifestyle as the main key to weight loss. Compared to liposuction, Zeltiq is much less invasive and it requires a fraction of time and cost. Other than that, the treatment is totally pain-free, which is great if you do not want going under a knife for liposuction.

Patients opting for the procedure can entirely have it in a doctor’s office in less than an hour. The process does not need any anesthesia for it is completely pain-free. It has minimal side effects such as redness, soreness and bruising. Patients undergoing it may also experience a tugging sensation and mild pain caused by ht cold clamps, but this usually subsides as soon as the area becomes numb because of the cold. The procedure can be repeated as long as necessary, but it is recommended to wait for at least 60 days after the first session before starting a new one. Each procedure may cost from $ 500 to $ 2000 depending of the size of the area you wish to be treated.